Love for Morganite

Love for Morganite

Why I Really Love Photographing Morganite

I have always had a certain love affair with taking pictures of gemstones because they are devilishly hard to get a good snap. There are so many facets to them it really becomes all about getting the light in the right area and making sure the stone really sparkles. This sounds easier than it actually is…trust me!.

Anyway, out of all the gems that i’ve taken photos of Morganite really stands out as one of my favorites given its saturated colors and the way it almost appears to be a pink diamond. In fact, i’ve often received comments about it being a great alternative to diamonds given the, significantly, lower cost involved in owning one. It’s also a fairly hearty stone so you don’t have to fear bumping it against something.

At the present time, I actually don’t own any gemstones because most of my “limited” money goes into photography equipment. However, I would love to eventually get some beautiful Morganite jewellery for my wife. Maybe it’s time to stop focusing on my hobby and start saving for gifts!

Anyway, the picture on the left was taken with my trusty old Olympus OM-1 and shows some fantastic highlights and contrasts the out of focus background with the sharp facets of the gemstone. It’s a fantastic image and one that i’ll keep in my portfolio for a long time. Tom.