The Turning process for a wood bowl
On the next few pages, I will show you some fo the methods that I use for making wood bowls. We will start with the sawing out of the blank, cover some of the tool that are used, and watch the bowl evolve to it's finished form.
The first step is to salvage or scavenge some wood. I am very fortunate to know a logger who collects interesting pieces of wood and some burls from the trees that they cut for lumber. I also salvage wood from farms where trees have been cut along fields, and from residential tree removal.
Bowl blanks are then roughly cut to shape with a chain saw. I use a Stihl 036 with a 20" bar for most of the cutting. For cutting out large bowl blanks I have an old Husqvarna with a 28" bar.
Take a good look at the Maple burl in the sled. This is going to be turned into bowl # 297 and # 298. The roughed out blank sitting on edge will become bowl # 303.
Large Cherry blank that is ready to be mounted onto my Powermatic 4224 lathe. Many of the small bowls are turned on a Delta 10" lathe that I bought in 1973. It is a four speed blt drive that I made several modifications to. I installed a counter shaft to slow down the spindle speed, changed it over to a 1 1/2 hp. motor with a reversing switch. Then I made a very heavy steel stand that I bolted to the concrete floor.
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