Enter to win a free bowl
Contest will run for one week. Starting on Monday 11/21/2011 and ending Sunday 11/27/2011 The first person to correctly identify the kind of wood the bowl is made of, wins the bowl.
One entry per person: Send entrys to my e-mail address.
No winners yet, and I thought that this was going to be too easy. Everyone can enter again, and there is a list of all the previous entrys to help you out.                           
V.Gehrman of WI.  is the winner of the Poplar bowl.
Ash Burl
Big Leaf Maple
Birch Burl
Black Walnut
Black Oak
Curly Maple
Cypress x 2
Maple Burl x 4
Osage Orange
Red Gum
Silver Maple
Spalted Hackberry
Spalted Maple x 9
Spalted Maple Burl
Spalted Red Maple
Spalted Silver Maple
Teak x 2
Bowl #581 is made of ?
There is only one Poplar bowl left, it's listed on page 4 of current inventory.